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"Home Of the Great Rottweiler!"

  We are Located Near the Capitol Of "Charleston, WV" in a small town called "Tornado" in a small close net community.


  I am a small home Hobby breeder. I work with our puppies daily from birth and come to know each puppies for it's personality and habits. I make sure we do not place any puppies that would have a Bad temperment, to date this has never been an issue as My parent dogs are very loving in nature and are non agressive.

 I always make every attempt to Match the Puppy to the Family as, each puppy has a different personality. The family may want a lazy puppy (Lap Baby) or one with alot of energy as they have children and the puppy will be their companion. So each family may have different needs from the family pet.
  A note to families with children under age 4, as with any puppy they are very playful by nature. When buying a rottweiler puppy you must keep in mind that the rottweiler puppies are very large by age age 6 weeks and do not realize this when playing with small children, you as the owner must keep close tabs on the play time between children and puppy as the puppy could be hurt just as well as the child without intending to do so. 
   All of our puppies are up to date on all De-Worming and Vaccinations at the time they are sold.
All puppies come from Healthy Parents with Healthy Backgrounds. No puppy will be sold if it is not in Good Health.

  We want you to know that our goal has not been met when the puppy has been placed, it continue's for a long time. We expect to form a Bond/ Friendship with each puppy and Buyer when they have made their choice. 
 Please feel free to look about our site. If you have any questions please, drop us an email or give us a call. We are here to help.

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So you think the Rottweiler is a visious DOG! Well watchthis heart warming video as I think I can change your MIND.


Thank you for visiting and Please, if you like our site, our puppies and our service, Pass us on to your friends, family and co-workers!


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